Chatter Report: Vitalik Doesn’t Believe in Proof of Work, Chris Pacia Discusses Big Blocks


In this latest roundup of crypto chatter from social media, Vitalik Buterin sparks debate by declaring that he doesn’t believe in proof of work. Also, developer Rhett Creighton is accused of foul play in the Bitcoin Private pre-mine scandal. Finally, Chris Pacia clarifies his stance on large block limitations.

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Vitalik Doesn’t Believe in Proof of Work

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin turned a lot of heads recently when he tweeted to Bitcoin maximalist Giacomo Zucco that he doesn’t “believe in proof of work.”

Crypto Twitter erupted with responses. One commentator, Crypto Domains, pointed out the ridiculousness of Vitalik’s comment, comparing it to not believing “in oxygen.” Crypto Domains’ remark resonated widely, not least since Ethereum itself currently runs on a proof of work model.

Bitcoin Community Skeptical of Rhett Creighton

The Bitcoin Private team recently released an official statement explaining that they had no prior knowledge of the BTCP coins that were covertly created during the fork that birthed the project. Instead, they were mislead by developer airk42, they insist. Airk42 had started out innocently by accepting a bounty the team had placed. He then managed to became a BTCP developer and was promoted to contributor on Github. However, when airk42 merged his own code, he left out one crucial line and a bad actor exploited this bug, creating approximately 2 million additional coins.

Many in the cryptocurrency community were suspicious of the BTCP team and their official response. In a recent live stream by bitcoin trader Tone Vays, developer Jimmy Song pointed out that former BTCP developer Rhett Creighton left the project in a rather cryptic manner that foreshadowed the hack.

Likewise, Vays expressed skepticism at Creighton’s sincerity and quickly theorized that he may have secretly been airk42. Cryptocurrency trader Nick Core also agreed with Tone, explaining that scammers are prone to “leave projects before they are finished.”

Chris Pacia Clarifies Tweet on Blocksize Limitations

Bitcoin commentator u/satoshi_vision 1 recently called out Openbazaar developer Chris Pacia on the r/bitcoincashSV subreddit for Pacia’s comments that bitcoin software will start to break down when blocks reach about 22 MB in size. u/satoshi_vision 1 was criticizing Pacia, as Coingeek had mined a 64MB block at block height 557335.

We were told by Chris Pacia that 22MB blocks would not work, not we have blocks nearly 3x that size. from bitcoincashSV

Pacia was unable to defend himself on the subreddit, as he had been banned from participating on r/bitcoincashSV, despite never having commented on it before. Instead, Pacia took to Twitter to defend himself, explaining that his tweet wasn’t about the ability to mine a single large block.

Rather than large single blocks, Pacia was referring to the ability to mine many large blocks in tandem. He then went on to point out that the average blocksize over a one-hour period never went above 7 MB when BSV was mining 32 MB blocks.

What do you think of Vitalik’s thoughts on proof of work? Let us know in the comments below.

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The Daily: Bitcoin Posts Record Volume, Ledger Plans Major Update


The news is bullish in this edition of the The Daily, mirroring the mood of the crypto markets. We’ll start by delving into BTC’s record-breaking day for trading volume and then examine a couple of stories that suggest 2019 is poised to get off to a very positive start.

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BTC Posts Record Daily Volume

The Daily: Bitcoin Posts Record Volume, Ledger Plans Major UpdateIt’s not just the price of bitcoin – both cash and core – that’s been shooting up this week – volume has followed suit. In fact, the real headline about this week’s price rally isn’t BCH doing a 3x or BTC passing and then holding the $4,000 mark. Rather, it’s the significant increase in trading volume that occurred on Dec 20, which some traders have taken as evidence of a full reversal. That’s right, the bottom may finally be in – though no one’s willing to publicly make that call just yet it seems.

Crypto Quantamental noted that the $2.26 billion of BTC traded on Thursday, Nov. 20 was the highest recorded in the cryptocurrency’s history. Compared to previous days when BTC was trading in the $3,500-$4,500 bracket, yesterday’s BTC volume was greater by a factor of 3-4x. Regardless of which way BTC moves next, it’s fair to say that interest in the crypto market has been fully restored. BCH has also been on a tear, as this graphic by The Tie shows, comparing the cryptocurrency’s market cap to that of BSV and LTC this week.

The Daily: Bitcoin Posts Record Volume, Ledger Plans Major Update

Looking back at Twitter activity since the start of the month, the sentiment analysis platform noted that “while indicative tweet volume (# of tweets that contribute to sentiment score) peaked for both BCH and BSV on Dec. 7, BSV has basically been completely flat as the amount of twitter conversation around BCH has trended upwards. It’s safe to assume BCH’s astonishing growth over the past three days may have contributed to that interest.

The Daily: Bitcoin Posts Record Volume, Ledger Plans Major Update

Ledger Schedules Major Firmware Update

French hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger has planned its biggest upgrade yet to its Nano S devices. Version 1.5, scheduled for release in early January, will feature new hashes, signatures and derivation schemes, enabling the wallet to support new cryptocurrencies. These updates will be accompanied by a slew of security improvements including:

  • Full redesign of the arithmetic architecture
  • Improved MCU genuine check (firmware attestation)
  • PIN code implementation improved for better resistance to hardware attacks
  • Hardening of the PIN code against various hardware and side channel attacks

In the arms race hardware manufacturers are engaged in, the biggest winners are consumers, who now have a wide range of increasingly robust hardware wallets to choose from.

Virtual Land Goes up in Smoke

The Daily: Bitcoin Posts Record Volume, Ledger Plans Major Update

47 million mana tokens have now been burnt in Decentraland’s second land auction which ends over the weekend. This equates to around $2.5 million of tokens destroyed, in return for purchasing plots of land in the virtual world. With the price of each parcel dropping ever closer to its lowest possible price of 1,000 mana over the weekend, a bidding frenzy is suspected. Just 6,000 of the 9,300 parcels available a week ago are left, with recording an average price per 10x10m parcel of $850.

What are your thoughts on today’s news tidbits as featured in The Daily? Let us know in the comments section below.

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