Bitcoin Cash Payment API Adds a Variety of New Features


Last October, reported on a new Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payment processor called Since then the Gateway developers have added a variety of features to the BCH platform like instant web-sockets, custom audio, and client-side callbacks for real-time applications.

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After the BCH Split Organizations Like Have Emphasized ‘We Will Compete’

Bitcoin Cash Payment API Adds a Variety of New FeaturesAfter the Bitcoin Cash split, the Money Button and creator Ryan X Charles told his Twitter followers his apps would be following the BSV network. Four days later on Twitter, Charles said: “I look forward to seeing the ABC competitors to Yours and Money Button — Best of luck to you all.” Not too long after the post, a new Bitcoin Cash blogging website was launched called Honest Cash and the payment processor Gateway responded to Charle’s tweet.

“Hi, will be a Money Button competitor for Bitcoin Cash and is now released open-source — The project is led by Ty Everett and he is looking for contributors,” the Gateway organization stated responding to Charles on Nov. 19.

Bitcoin Cash Payment API Adds a Variety of New Features

New API Enhancements

Since the Gateway bitcoin cash-powered payment button and the processing application launched, the developer has added a slew of new features to the application program interface (API). Added enhancements include callback URLs, native currencies, custom audio sounds, client-side callbacks for real-time applications, instant web-socket payments, direct deposit to an address, and more. The Gateway developers have also published specifications for the API which gives platform examples, useful descriptions and annotations. The documentation explains that the API can be hosted over HTTP or HTTPS with the user’s current URL as the basepoint. The website’s API documentation is quite extensive with examples shown on the right side of the screen and the Gateway API specifications page welcoming the user by stating:

Welcome to the API — You can use our API to create and manage merchant accounts, make and receive Bitcoin Cash payments, keep track of invoices and more.      

Bitcoin Cash Payment API Adds a Variety of New Features

Open Source Community Pitches In

When first reviewed Gateway back in October, the button feature worked well and also offered a QR code so any wallet could pay the button. In contrast to the Money Button, there were no issues using the Safari browser as the application worked well in every browser tested. With the latest developments, the Gateway team and lead programmer Ty Everett have been offering the community bounties so the open-source community can contribute to the Gateway project.

Bitcoin Cash Payment API Adds a Variety of New Features

Other well known developers have been helping the Gateway project like the BCH programmer Ftrader and Flowee the Hub have given the Github repository some assistance. “The first PR by a community member has been merged,” detailed the Gateway team. “Big thanks to Flowee the Hub for being the first contributor to Gateway.”

The Gateway project has explained on social media channels and forums that the developers are extremely grateful to the Bitcoin Cash development community.

“Thank you for contributing — Open-source is the future of software and Bitcoin Cash is the future of money,” the Gateway project explained on Twitter.

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Bitcoin Cash Node Bchd Syncs in Just Over an Hour With Fast Mode


The developers behind the Bchd project have announced the launch of version 0.13.0-beta2 alongside the client’s ‘fast sync mode.’ With the latest fast sync option, instead of downloading 140GB of data stemming from the chain’s genesis, Bchd users can download roughly 3GB and have the client running in just over an hour.

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A Much Faster Bitcoin Cash Chain Sync

Bchd programmers have been steadily improving the full node implementation of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain written in the programming language Golang (Go). The developers working on the project released the first beta version on Nov. 18 and the following day launched the lightweight wallet with enhanced privacy features, Neutrino. The same day, the programmers published Bchd version 0.13.0-beta2 with fast sync mode. The client’s feature allows the initial chain sync to download in record time.

Bitcoin Cash Node Bchd Syncs in Just Over an Hour With Fast Mode

“Prior to this release the only way to get a full node running was to download and validate the full 140GB blockchain from genesis — This process usually takes about a half a day or longer depending on your system,” explained the Bchd beta2 announcement.

The developers continued:   

With this release you can run bchd using the fastsync option and it will download only about 3GB of data and be up and running in a little over an hour.

The Bitcoin Cash UTXO Set and IPFS

The method behind the latest Bchd component is the Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS), an open-source protocol and network that leverages a distributed protocol for file storage. Bchd programmers detailed that a user can simply download a checkpointed copy of the unspent transaction output (UTXO) set at block height 556767 from IPFS, then confirm the Elliptic Curve Multiset Hash (ECMH) of the UTXO against a hardcoded checkpoint and simply sync full blocks to the tip.

Bitcoin Cash Node Bchd Syncs in Just Over an Hour With Fast Mode

Bchd developers emphasized that fast sync mode means there’s no need to download the entire chain, but in contrast to a ‘pruned node,’ blocks recorded over time are not deleted. If Bchd users want to prune in the traditional fashion, however, they can opt to with the fast sync process.

“If you have the IPFS daemon running on localhost, it will download the UTXO set via IPFS (and seed it to other users). If you don’t have IPFS running locally it will download it from an IPFS gateway,” the programmers noted. “We also are releasing a utxotool that lets any bchd user with a full node (synced from genesis) independently verify the hash of the UTXO set that we included in the checkpoint is correct.”

The Bchd project now has a website where visitors can find the full node Bitcoin Cash implementation written in Go. The website features the bchd 0.13.0-beta2 source code and binaries and the software for the project’s bchwallet 0.7.0-beta.

What do you think about Bchd 0.13.0-beta2 with fast sync mode? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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