Learn About the BCH Network With’s ‘Mastering Bitcoin Cash’


At, our web portal hosts a developer section aimed at providing Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developers with the resources and tools to program killer applications using the BCH protocol. The section has now added an educational resource for newcomers and veterans called Mastering Bitcoin Cash. The documentation offers a comprehensive overview of BCH basics and technical operation of the protocol.

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Mastering Bitcoin Cash: A Lesson on the Most Innovative Technology of Our Time

Learn About the BCH Network With's Mastering Bitcoin Cash The section of our website has recently added some literature based on the Creative Commons licensed book Mastering Bitcoin written by the well-known cryptocurrency educator Andreas Antonopoulos. Bitcoin luminary Antonopoulos has been educating the masses on this technology for years and his work has changed the lives of many individuals in the crypto space.’s Mastering Bitcoin Cash edition explains in great detail subjects like what bitcoin cash is, how it works, and the various public and private keys, addresses, and wallets tethered to the network.

Additionally, the literature teaches people about the network and blockchain, transactions, mining and consensus, and bitcoin cash security. For example, the “What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH)” introduction states:

Bitcoin Cash is a collection of concepts and technologies that form the basis of a digital money ecosystem — Units of currency called bitcoins are used to store and transmit value among participants in the Bitcoin Cash network.

Learn About the BCH Network With's Mastering Bitcoin Cash

The first chapter also explains that BCH users communicate with one another through the internet, but other networks can be utilized. It further explains the technology is a protocol stack that’s available to the open source development community. Essentially, bitcoin cash transfers can do anything traditional currencies can and more according to the Mastering Bitcoin Cash introduction. “Unlike traditional currencies, bitcoins are entirely virtual. There are no physical coins or even digital coins per se,” explains the first chapter. In the following four chapters, the book gives a great explanation of how BCH actually works and the basics of a bitcoin cash transaction.

“Transactions are the most important part of the Bitcoin Cash system. Everything else in Bitcoin Cash is designed to ensure that transactions can be created, propagated on the network, validated, and finally added to the global ledger of transactions (the blockchain),” explains the overview section on BCH transactions.

Understanding the Complex Technology Called Bitcoin

Learn About the BCH Network With's Mastering Bitcoin Cash The educational resource follows the slew of other services on such as the tools made available for Wormhole, Bitbox, the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP), faucet testnets for BCH and WHC developers, and more. Furthermore, in addition to the Mastering Bitcoin Cash book based off Antonopoulos’ first edition, individuals can sign up for free developer resources. The technical literature has a section at the bottom of the page that allows people to register for a wealth of’s free developer resources.

Learn About the BCH Network With's Mastering Bitcoin Cash

The 298 pages worth of Bitcoin Cash knowledge teach almost all there is to know about the new digital economy. If you are just learning about the benefits of the BCH network then Mastering Bitcoin Cash is the perfect resource. The Bitcoin Cash network is a nascent system that’s only ten years old but has the power to truly transform the world and wants you to read all about it.

“Bitcoin Cash is a completely new, unprecedented, and complex technology. Over time we will develop better security tools and practices that are easier to use by non-experts. For now, Bitcoin Cash users can use many of the tips discussed here to enjoy a secure and trouble-free experience,” explains the book’s conclusion.

Have you seen our Mastering Bitcoin Cash section? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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Chatter Report: Antonopoulos Criticizes KYC, Kasireddy Claims Decentralization Not Always Better


Criticism is the overarching theme of today’s crypto chatter roundup. Andreas Antonopoulos vehemently opposes mandatory KYC to access banking services. Also, Preethi Kasireddy calls for cryptocurrency users to rethink decentralization.

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The Role of Documentation in Banking

Mastering Bitcoin author Andreas Antonopoulos recently released a video that criticized the need for documentation to access banking services.

Chatter Report: Antonopoulos Criticizes KYC, Kasireddy Claims Decentralization Not Always BetterAntonopoulos explains that requiring documentation for banking is a historically recent phenomenon that is based on two assumptions. First, people with identification are “assumed” to be good and thus allowed access to banking services. Also, documentation is required because it allows governments to track and punish those who commit crime.

Antonopoulos is critical of both these assumptions as they have excluded “several billion people from the financial system.” Also, it’s a system that doesn’t work because society is full of criminals who have identification documents and banking licenses.

Who Will Guard the Guards?

Antonopoulos also believes that current KYC banking requirements are a toxic and fascist concept that gives governments too much power. Since the government issues identification documents, they have absolute control over who has access to financial services. This is supposed to prevent fraud and terrorism, but the result is that criminals are funded and supported by governments themselves.

More Decentralization Is Not Always Better

In other news, Trustory founder Preethi Kasireddy recently called out crypto Twitter on their religious-like stance on decentralization.

Centralization is a taboo concept in the crypto community and often serves as the basis for strong criticism about cryptocurrency projects. Kasireddy argues that this should not be the case because context matters when talking about decentralization. Her statement received mixed reactions. One commentator opined that decentralization is always better because “you can build centralized apps on top of a decentralized protocol, but you can’t build a decentralized app on top of a centralized protocol.”

Other cryptocurrency pundits agreed with Kasireddy, like Melik Manukyan who lamented the use of “decentralization” as just another empty buzzword. Manukyan believes that decentralization is just a means to an end, and not an end in itself.

What do you think of requiring documentation to access banking services? How about the importance of decentralization in the cryptocurrency industry? Let us know in the comments below.

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